The concept for Comboling was invented by Jérôme Lulling during the mid 80s while watching the tiles on the bathroom floor.

Comboling is a smart but simple puzzle game. A table of nodes is presented to the user. Among them, blue and purple nodes stand out and are interactive. The objective is to connect all the nodes vertically, horizontally and diagonally. The solution's path cannot jump over interactive nodes, selected or not.

There are 2 modes of gameplay offered: Arcade and Practice.

Arcade mode

The user is challenged to complete puzzles as quickly as possible while the score diminishes at a rate of 100 points per second. On each solution, the user is awarded 500x(stage number) points. If the puzzle is solved without utilizing a 'Reset,' then the awarded points are doubled.

Practice mode

In practice mode, users can take their time to complete puzzles. Stages in puzzle mode are unlocked by completing stage in Arcade mode.