Alberto Martinez

As a jack of all trades, Berto has worn many hats through years of travel, involvement and curiosity. From programming C++ on a team for a fortune 1000 company to building an Arduino controlled water-oven just for kicks, Berto has done it all and is ready for more. The last 3 years, most of his work has been focused on Android which works to his advantage since he's a huge fan of the platform and Google in general.

Name a language, he probably knows it. Pick a library, he can use it. He's been hacking away at command lines and searching for missing semicolons since the age of 12 and has been building efficient, polished and easy to use solutions.

My life in photos

Ice skating

Almost by accident, I fell in love with ice skating. During Sophomore year of college I was coerced into a figure skating class. Reluctant at first, I was inevitably taken by the sport. Bill Collier Community Ice Arena then offered me a job where I learned the operations of the facility and skated every chance I got.

At the end of my college career, I took a shot at performing and put out a demo video. Days after publishing the video, I went pro and traveled across the world to perform.